GENERATION Z: Understanding & Teaching The Kids In Our Classrooms

Classroom Management

Who is this new generation in our classrooms? Generation Z is comprised of those students born 1995 or thereabouts – they’ve never known a world without the Internet or cellphones. They are enmeshed with social media and have been criticized for having little to no social skills. Yet they are the future and have a lot of positive attributes to offer, but first, we need to teach them in our classrooms in a manner that will lead to their success.

In this course you will learn about Generation Z, how to best meet their unique learning needs, how to engage them in the classroom, as well as learn from them – about what they think, where they’re going, how they’ll change the world. This course is applicable to all content areas and all school personnel, K-12.

The course text, We are Generation Z, is approximately $14 at Amazon.


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Suzanne's course was excellent. I honestly have talked about the content of this class nearly every single day in one setting or another. (Including at a neighborhood BBQ tonight!) It was interesting, applicable, and really got me thinking. As a result of this class I'm looking into other Heritage Institute courses. Thanks!

Kelly C.
9th Grade Teacher

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