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The student of today looks very different from the student of 20 years ago. Their parents do as well. The world today is a pressure cooker environment for both.  Parents naturally want what is best for their children and suffer from what the authors of our course text call ‘Pressured Parent Phenomenon’ which is the constant anxiety over whether their children are as competitive as they could be based on their kids efforts.  This class will help educators understand and respond to the extraordinary challenges that students face when dealing with enormous pressure and parental expectations. You will learn strategies that will help you understand and work more effectively with stressed out students and their pressured parents.    

This independent study course is appropriate for K-12 teachers, administrators, support staff and parents.    Order the instructional manual, Pressured Parents, Stressed-Out Kids, by Wendy S. Grolnick and Kathy Seal which is approximately $22 on Amazon.


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Text, Pressured Parents, Stressed-Out Kids, is approximately $22 from Amazon.

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