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Sara Bailey, North Marion High School Aurora, CO
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  • Positive student to student interaction.
  • Literacy Tips For Non-Reading Teachers
  • What Are Your Students Thinking?

2016 Reduced Tuition

Today it is easier than ever to create a dynamic and powerful website that enhances your ability to bring outstanding content to your students, parents and colleagues. 

This course will bring the power of
WordPress, one of the best and most popular website development platforms on the planet, into your classroom.

WordPress empowers you to bring in outstanding content to share with your students.

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Required Textbook:
Required: Easy WP Guide (Free and paid) by Anthony Hortin. Check out the free and paid (just  .99 cents) versions here.

Optional: Stop Stealing Dreams by Seth Godin (Free) There are a variety of download options here.

To view complete assignment modules and watch required material, please visit the instructor's website:

Responses, however, will be posted in the password-secured online environment hosted by The Heritage Institute.

Instructor: Michael Boll , M.A.
Email: michael [at]
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Course No: CM401q, CM501q
Quarter Credits: 6
[semester equivalent = 4.00 credits]
Clock Hrs/PDUs: 60
Quarter VS. Semester Credit
$435 - 400 Level
$435 - 500 Level
$435 - Clock Hrs
$435 - PDUs
Quarter Clock/PD Semester
Credit Hours Credit
1 10 0.66
2 20 1.33
3 30 2.00
4 40 2.66
5 50 3.33
6 60 4.00
Section(s): A - HOL (online) - 6 months to complete from date of registration
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400 Level
500 Level
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