The Heritage Story

The Heritage Story

The Heritage Institute began as a group of teachers exploring old-growth forests, beaches and various biomes of the Pacific Northwest with field instructors. We helped teachers discover the history of the natural world and its people. That was 1976. 

Fascinated by what they could bring back to their classrooms through our field study courses, teachers encouraged us to expand our offerings. Cultivating a habit of listening to what teachers need, we began to offer a wide variety of courses across a host of academic disciplines.

In the early 1990's we were one of the first continuing education programs to begin offering online courses. We are proud of our roots and continue to develop and expand our programs.

Our Committment

We are committed to educating the whole person while nurturing personal growth and recognizing professional goals through the offering of continuing education whose learning can be applied to the common good.

Unique Offerings

Honoring our beginnings in Social Justice and Environmental Awareness we continue to offer courses that give you tools to work towards a common goal. Such courses proudly boast the World We Want logo. 

All of our courses offer a collaborative online learning environment. Each course has its own forum which we call "share." Courses also may have some assignments that are done in a forum. 

Courses taken for credit may also be done in a group collaboration with up to 4 colleagues. Learning in groups strengthens course outcomes by providing opportunity for discussion, debate and shared resources. Learn more about Group Collaboration.

Do you have a special project or lesson unit you are preparing for your classroom that is unlike anything we offer? Working with a Heritage Institute Advisor you can create a course that works for your professional development need. Learn more about Creating Your Own Course.

Our Home

A small administrative staff operates from our headquarters on Whidbey Island, Washington communicating with instructors and learners from all over the United States and the world. Contact Us.

Meet the Team

  Mike Seymour, President






  Maggie Seymour, CEO






  Yvonne Hall, Director of Community Relations






  Joslin Blankinship, Registrar






  Rebecca Blankinship, Outreach and Social Media Coordinator






  Cameron Hall, Admin Support






  Joel and Bethany Kennedy, Technical Support






  Terry Rice, School District Partnership Coordinator






Photo coming soon                 Sharon Dudley, Accounting 


Meet our Instructors!