This course has been adapted from a 19th century French Drawing Course to fit the 21st Century classroom. Engaging video will provide the beginning to advanced artist the necessary classical foundation to render nature in both idealistic and realistic fashion.  Participants will learn to visually reference distance, notional space, lengths, angles and bit shading.

Guided videos show how to complete a Bargue's plate in charcoal. The thirty Da Vinci Initiative videos consist of approximately 4-5 hours of content that is broken down to instruct skills in a methodical, guided way. This course is appropriate for anyone wishing to learn how to draw more accurately. It can also be used directly in the classroom as a teaching resource.

In addition video study, participants will upload, reproduce and draw from 2D images from classical lithographic plates that are modeled from plastered casts of natural and man made objects.  They will then compare and contrast their drawing techniques between classical atelier to the "CopyIt" app, using iPad, iPhone or iOS app.


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This course is being released one episode per week on The Da Vinci Initiative YouTube channel. For those wishing to own the downloadable version or not wanting to wait for the entire course to be released, you can purchase the complete course immediately for $100. You can start improving your observational drawing skills and know that your donation will help create additional free online drawing courses from The Da Vinci Initiative! CopyIt App. $8.99 Download onto your iPad, iPhone, or IOS device.

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Course No. ED457S, ED557S

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This course incorporates Observational Drawing Skills (ODS) based on drawing and design principles that guide participants through the process of creating successful, realistic looking, still life drawings. Teacher-artists who want to develop, support or advance their ODS will purchase the “Introduction To Advanced Observational Drawing” video course to access thirty (30) online teaching videos constituting approximately 5 hours of step-by step ODS content. The lessons are open to all ability levels, from emerging to advance drawing skills. Lessons are broken down into a series of small concepts that build upon each other so that participants can practice each concept before incorporating it into their overarching still life project. From hands on practice projects, exemplars and skill building, lesson plans will be developed for implementation for any studio and/or classroom setting.

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