Research has shown that art education provides challenges for students on all levels. This course is designed for teachers of all grades, K-12, with little to no art experience. Course readings and activities will provide educators with fun, creative, and ready-to-teach lessons that can be easily incorporated into the daily classroom routine. By providing an environment of discovery art can help support, and bridge the learning gap for student achievement. No art skill is required for this course.

Course readings and activities will include classroom art materials, recommendations for tools and supplies, art concepts – patterns, rhythm, primary colors, color blending, hot and cold color, shapes, line, texture, positive and negative space – art vocabulary, and Internet references,

This course will allow the classroom teacher to align the National Art Standards, State Art Standards and/or grade level learning expectations and easily integrate art skills into the daily curriculum.


$19-$35 for the two required texts available on Amazon.


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$19-$35 for the two required texts available on Amazon.

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