BURNOUT: Detecting & Preventing

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Burnout is a multi-faceted issue that threatens all teachers and other school professionals at some point during their careers. This syndrome is usually characterized by a decreased ability to perform the typical duties due to an overwhelming sense of tiredness, frustration, exhaustion, and/or hopelessness.

These feelings result from a wide range of factors which include, but are not limited to:  Communication difficulties, fear of violence, classroom management and behavioral issues, dealing with irate co-workers and parents, addressing ever increasing/changing student needs, learning new  technology, limited budgets and technology, illness, accountability  demands, and teaching students with various interest levels, as well  as balancing conflicting time demands at home and school.

Many times teachers and other school professionals feel alone and lack the strategies to help prevent or reverse these feelings.

This course is designed to make all those who work with K-12 students aware of the symptoms and causes of burnout, as well as the strategies to overcome and prevent it.

Participants in this course will also realize that they are not alone as they research a collection of works written by teachers about their own trials and tribulations, how they regained their emotional and spiritual  strength, and how they rekindled their passion for teaching.

Texts are about $27 used from or free from libraries. 

There are no additional costs for materials. Everything else is available online for no charge.


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Text cost new/used from is about $22. There are no additional costs for materials. Everything else is available online for no charge.

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