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Immigrants from all over the world have come to the United States to live.  Our population consists of individuals and groups who have different ethnic, cultural, racial, and religious backgrounds.  It is indeed a small world.  However, with each passing generation, our connection to our ancestral home is lost.  For success in the future, it is not only important to be familiar and sensitive to other cultures, it is critical to develop an appreciation for our own cultural heritage as well as build a solid foundation of our ancestry and history. This course will help elementary educators to develop an integrated heritage unit for your classroom. The purpose of this course is to promote and to preserve the heritage and culture of one’s ancestry and to celebrate our relationship with other countries. 


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  • ISBN# 0806317779 by Susan Provost Beller Genealogical Publishing Company


Text book approximately $16 on Amazon.


My instructor was Eva Varga. She was a great teacher. Her responses were professional and timely. Even though online classes can be impersonal Eva’s responses were interactive and made me feel as though we had met in real life. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to take an online class.

~Patrick S.

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