Recent focus on standardized testing has resulted in less instructional time in the classroom. This course is designed to help educators make the most of every minute in the classroom. Making the most of the technology available today you can give students the ‘sit and get’ portion of their lesson at home, saving precious class time to check for understanding and reinforce learning. Teachers are then able to use class time to help guide students in completing a discussion, lab, assignment, homework, and other activities.  In short, students complete the “sit and get” portion of a lesson outside of class time and they apply their knowledge during class time.  There is no single correct model for Flipping your Classroom and this course allows for flexibility as you seek to personalize instruction in your classroom.

With a focus on Common Core, Smarter Balance, and Reading & Literacy Standards across the curriculum there is increased pressure on teachers to help students show proficiency across various subjects and standardized tests.  Many of our students do not have the help that they need, however, to complete their homework or assignments without teacher direction.  Flipping your classroom, in collaboration with a partner teacher, can make the process easier as you can design joint assignments. 

This course is applicable for any K-12 teacher, administrator, or anyone looking to better their technology skills and literacy in the classroom.




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