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What defines a hero? Who defines a hero? Can anyone be a hero? Why do we study heroes? These are some of the essential questions that every generation asks of its leaders, past and present, famous or unsung, national or local. As a society we study heroes because they help to inspire us and guide our development of values and behaviors through their example. It is important that all of us connect to heroism. That connection is exactly what this course provides. This is an interactive, kid-friendly approach to heroes that will motivate teachers and students of all ages to explore the lives of heroes and help them to determine their own definition of a hero. This course will introduce a variety of heroes from all walks of life such as George Washington, Jackie Robinson, Roy Rogers, Rosa Parks, John Glenn, Bill Cosby, and others through anecdotes that highlight the hero’s qualities and life circumstances. Teachers and students will explore the heroes through hands-on activities, websites, biographies, documentaries, films, and artifacts in their quest to define the concept of hero. This course is open to all K-12 teachers of all subject areas taught as heroes exist in every sector of our society. This course will provide literature, video, websites and classroom resource ideas that will meet state standards for K-12 teachers. 


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