With this course, educators will explore countless apps and endless resources available for use in Pre-K, elementary, middle school or high school settings.  Participants will select either Bloom’s Taxonomy, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences or SMAR digital pedagogical framework to support their choice for developing the best digital curriculum for their program. We will begin with the basic foundation of how to select great apps for your digital education toolkit and continue to explore different individualized curriculum areas that meet your teaching grade level, program and/or specialty areas. Finally, we will expand this developed curriculum with the provided downloadable evaluative digital app rubrics and formative assessments that may help to support and guide you through the app selection process. The online, self-guided, bibliography lists tons of resources.  There are apps to access, upload, explore, discover, and implement to enhance your curriculum. 
           This course is excellent for any individual, collaborative group study or professional development cohorts wishing to take their iPad curriculum to the next level.

           Additional cost may apply for equipment and downloads:

  • Must have an iPad 1 or later iOS 5.1 or later
  • Downloaded e-Textbook: Choice of one of three: $9.99 each.  
  • Ten to fifteen (10-15) selected apps (price ranging from free to $4.99 or more)
  • Downloaded Kindle e-book and iBooks (Free) with downloaded iBooks 3, or a Mac with iBooks 1.0, or later, plus OSX 10.9 or later access via iTunes Facebook


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Required Text

  • ISBN# 1945167084 by Karen Lirenman,Kristen Wideen EdTechTeam

    Elementary: In “Innovate with iPad: Lessons to Transform Learning in the Classroom” primary teachers Karen Lirenman and Kristen Wideen provide a complete selection of clearly laid out engaging open-ended lessons to change the way you use iPad in the classroom. By simply downloading a few basic, open-ended creation apps, your students will engage in the learning process and demonstrate their newfound knowledge in the way that works best for them. In addition, throughout the book Karen and Kristen provide beginner and advanced lessons and quick tips and practical suggestions to make the integration of iPad go as seamlessly as possible. This beautifully laid out book also features downloadable task cards, student generated examples and extension ideas to use with your students. Whether you have access to one iPad for your entire class or one for each student, these lessons will help you transform learning in your classroom.

    Buy from Amazon

  • ISBN# 1452243069 by Harry J. (Jerome) Dickens,Andrew Churches Corwin

    Turn your classroom into a digital adventure in learning! In the 21st-century classroom, mobile learning plays an increasingly significant role for our students. The authors take you on an exciting journey through the world of educational apps. Learn about some of the best apps for middle school classrooms, such as: Creative storytelling apps like Puppet Pals HD Powerful language skill builders like Play2Learn and SpellBoard NASA HD and Solar Walk, which take you on a trip across the galaxy Book Creator to make your own unique digital books Drawing Pad to produce a work of art

    Buy from Amazon

  • ISBN# undefined by Harry J. (Jerome) Dickens Corwin (4 April 2012)

    This first book in a three-book series offers a wealth of strategies for integrating 40 of the most effective applications—or apps—for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone into K–12 classrooms to cultivate 21st century fluencies. The authors show how to use them to enhance teaching and learning and to address curricular objectives in an engaging, relevant, real-world environment. Written by practitioners for practitioners, key features include: Apps with an extended shelf life, such as Pages, Keynote, iMovie, and Google Earth An overview of each app’s cost, application type, curriculum area, basic functions and features Examples for using each tool in practice

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  • ISBN# 1484856708 by Harry Dickens,Andrew Churches CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

    Have fun with the tools featured in Apps for Learning: Elementary School Classrooms. There are apps here for every subject, every elementary grade level, and every curious and creative mind. Build grammatical prowess using the Montessorium apps suite. Take a ride through the cosmos with iLearn Solar System, or explore nature using A Life Cycle or Leafsnap HD. And of course, kids will have all kinds of fun using creative tools like Puppet Pals HD, Comic Life, GarageBand, and many other apps designed to make learning the fun and engaging adventure it was truly meant to be!

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Additional fees for downloaded textbooks approx. $10.00 and any teacher selected apps (10-15) downloaded from the iPad App Store. The average price per iPad app ranges from free to $9.99 or more.

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