Distance Teaching,  STEM


Course No. CM402c, CM502c

This course meets OSPI’s STEM requirements

With this course, educators will explore countless apps and endless resources available for use in Pre-K, elementary, middle school or high school settings.  Participants will select either Bloom’s Taxonomy, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences or SMAR digital pedagogical framework to support their choice for developing the best digital curriculum for their program. We will begin with the basic foundation of how to select great apps for your digital education toolkit and continue to explore different individualized curriculum areas that meet your teaching grade level, program and/or specialty areas. Finally, we will expand this developed curriculum with the provided downloadable evaluative digital app rubrics and formative assessments that may help to support and guide you through the app selection process. The online, self-guided, bibliography lists tons of resources.  There are apps to access, upload, explore, discover, and implement to enhance your curriculum. 
           This course is excellent for any individual, collaborative group study or professional development cohorts wishing to take their iPad curriculum to the next level.

           Additional cost may apply for equipment and downloads:

  • Must have an iPad 1 or later iOS 5.1 or later
  • Downloaded e-Textbook: Choice of one of three: $9.99 each.  
  • Ten to fifteen (10-15) selected apps (price ranging from free to $4.99 or more)
  • Downloaded Kindle e-book and iBooks (Free) with downloaded iBooks 3, or a Mac with iBooks 1.0, or later, plus OSX 10.9 or later access via iTunes Facebook
We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus

1. A theoretical pedagogical foundation to support the development of digital iPad curriculum.
2. Enhanced knowledge and understanding of the use of iPad apps in the classroom.
3. Develop digital applications resource list.
4. Downloaded digital apps that may support and transform the classroom curriculum.

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