POETRY OF ROCK: 1960’s - Present


The lyrics of rock and pop rock tunes are rich in many elements of the literary arts, including metaphor, simile, narrative and irony, and reflect the creative techniques of poetry, fiction, and other expressions of literature. Explore rock lyrics over five decades, from the 1960s to present artists.  Recognize how song lyrics reflect the political, socio-economic, trends, and current events.  Compare how meanings and interpretations compare over the era of rock music. Use the visual arts, prose, Haiku poetry, and other creative methods to interpret the meaning of song lyrics, and obtain ideas for lesson plan writing for language arts, visual arts, music, and social studies students.
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My instructor, Sherry Bozworth, returned my emails within hours, usually minutes. Her responses were helpful and always answered whatever questions I had. Her class offered specific and applicable advice, knowledge and insight into ways I can improve as a teacher and make my lessons more relative for my students.


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