HABLA ESPANOL: Spanish Basics For Educators PT I


[semester equivalent = 2.00 credits]



Deborah Richter



This course is designed to teach important Spanish skills that will allow staff members to gain the trust and confidence of Spanish-speaking students so that these students can feel confident, accepted, and be able to approach staff members with their specific needs and concerns.  The ultimate goal is to relate to Spanish-speaking students and their parents through basic communication in their native language.  Not only will this assist in building a positive rapport between the staff member and student, but it is also useful in supporting and encouraging the student to not be afraid of learning English.

The initial focus of the course will be on building basic fundamentals of the Spanish language, with an overall goal of learning to say necessary vocabulary and phrases for communicating with Spanish-speaking students and parents.  Participants will also learn vital phone conferencing strategies for dealing with a Spanish-speaking parent, learn to use our “Spanish Progress Reports”, and understand how to properly solicit important information from the student and parent.

This course is appropriate for all staff members K-12 with limited or no Spanish language skills.

•    $30 fee for the purchase of the course packet, workbook and audio material is payable to the instructor after registration. 
•    Once the instructor has received registration confirmation, she will email a course packet invoice directly to you.

The Co-Instructor for this course is Isis Tabares, M.A.


LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of this course, participants will have:

  1. The fundamentals of proper Spanish pronunciation.
  2. An extensive Spanish vocabulary pertaining to the school setting.
  3. To welcome a native Spanish-speaking student to class and make him or her feel comfortable.
  4. Key strategies for holding a live or phone conference in Spanish.
  5. To convey and solicit specific information to or from the Spanish-speaking student.
  6. How to use our Spanish/English progress reports to inform parents of the student’s positive or negative classroom behaviors.
  7. Over 100 specific helpful phrases in Spanish to build a positive rapport with Spanish-speaking students.

Completion of all specified assignments is required for issuance of hours or credit.  The Heritage Institute does not award partial credit. 


Completing the basic assignments (Section A. Information Acquisition) for this course automatically earns participant’s their choice of CEUs (Continuing Education Units), or Washington State Clock Hours or Oregon PDUs. The Heritage Institute offers CEUs and is an approved provider of Washington State Clock Hours and Oregon PDUs.



Continuing Education Quarter credits are awarded by Antioch University Seattle (AUS). AUS requires 75% or better for credit at the 400 level and 85% or better to issue credit at the 500 level. These criteria refer both to the amount and quality of work submitted.

  1. Completion of Information Acquisition assignments 30%
  2. Completion of Learning Application assignments 40%
  3. Completion of Integration Paper assignment 30%


CREDIT/NO CREDIT (No Letter Grades or Numeric Equivalents on Transcripts)
Antioch University Seattle (AUS) Continuing Education Quarter credit is offered on a Credit/No Credit basis; neither letter grades nor numeric equivalents are on a transcript. 400 level credit is equal to a "C" or better, 500 level credit is equal to a "B" or better. This information is on the back of the transcript.

AUS Continuing Education quarter credits may or may not be accepted into degree programs. Prior to registering determine with your district personnel, department head or state education office the acceptability of these credits for your purpose.



Required 50-page course workbook with audio material that follows the workbook lessons. 

None. All reading is online.


• $30 fee for the purchase of the course packet, workbook and audio material is payable to the instructor after registration. • Once the instructor has received registration confirmation, she will email a course packet invoice directly to you.


Deborah Richter, B.A., is an accomplished Spanish Instructor who has been teaching Spanish language since 1991. She holds degrees in Spanish Literature, Education, and Physical Education from Whitman College. Her experience includes two years of instructing Spanish and Latin dance to young children at the YWCA in Walla Walla, ESL (English as a Second Language) at Walla Walla High School, several summers teaching private English in Spain, and ten years teaching beginning through advanced Spanish at Foss High School.

Deborah has spent 9 summers in Spain studying at La Universidad de San Agustin and at Saint Luis University Madrid. Other Spanish-speaking countries that she has visited include Panama, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Venezuela.  Deborah & Isis founded La Única Spanish Instruction Center in 2003 and have been teaching Spanish courses there for the past 4 years.


HABLA ESPANOL: Spanish Basics For Educators PT I

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