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by December 15th, 2020

Join this video course and learn more about ways to connect and support your students both in distance and regular classroom instruction.  Adapted from the virtual class given in Spring, 2020 this course is designed to assist you in developing an environment that is engaging and fun-filled for virtual or bricks and mortar classroom. You will learn how to aid students in developing social and emotional skills, and will explore digital tools to support distance learning. You will gain strategies to care for self and students in these stressful times.  In this course, you will emerge healthier, stronger, more innovative, and technically savvy.

Topics covered by the recorded version of the zoom sessions include:

  • Let's Be Mindful: Creating Space for Inner Peace.
  • Virtual Teaching.  
  • Getting Gritty in an Age of Distance Learning.  
  • Hardwiring Happiness: Get Rid of Negative Energy and Fear.   
  • Building Relationship in The Virtual Learning Age.  
  • Battling Boredom.  
  • Empowering Social-Emotional Learning: From Research to Practice.
  • Stem to Steam: Digital Photography Across the Curriculum. 
  • Wellness & Finding Your True North
  • Finding Meaning In The Global Pandemic: The Ultimate Teachable Moment.

This course is most appropriate for elementary and middle school teachers.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  • Gained concepts and strategies for lowering stress in themselves and their students at this very trying time.
  • Reviewed ways to optimize remote learning with students.
  • Understood the importance of humanizing the educational experience, particularly within a virtual learning environment.
  • Experienced a variety of options available to teachers and students when using zoom meetings for learning.
  • Had an opportunity to frame the global pandemic experience in a more meaningful way for themselves and their students.

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