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The Heritage Institute has become well-known for its broad and distinct selection of online professional development courses for K-12 teachers. Teachers all over the Northwest, USA and internationally speak highly of our courses. Our continuing education courses for educators at all levels are available with Antioch University, Seattle continuing education quarter credits. Antioch CE credits are acceptable in most states for recertification and in most school districts for salary enhancement.

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The Heritage Institute helps educators make a difference in the lives of young people. Our teacher-tested courses help develop skilled, caring and enthusiastic educators who can count on our experienced faculty and applied learning course design to improve their students' engagement in learning, while encouraging character, caring and citizenship. Hear from some of the many teachers whose course work with The Heritage Institute has inspired success among their students. Read more

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Kim Robinson

Michael Boll, Instructor
Teacher Feature
Technology: From Zero to Sixty in one Course
Kim Robinson, Mercy Ships Academy West Africa

 “Our goal this year is to expand our use of technology,” the principal declared. I looked blankly around at the faces of the other teachers. This was our first day of the New Year, second semester, and as we were warming up over coffee I was a bit over my head. How does one “expand” her use of technology on a ship in West Africa? It’s not as if Tinkerbelle would wave her magic wand and “expand” our broadband width! We weren’t even able to open YouTube. Whatever was my principal thinking???

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