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Sara Bailey, North Marion High School Aurora, CO
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From stardust to us: how can the emerging story of the Universe give a sense of meaning to our role as planetary citizens? Orienting ourselves in a whole context can engender a sense of wonder, belonging, and interconnectedness. The new scientific story of life’s emergence, in all its beauty and complexity, helps to ground us in purpose and a recognition of our magnificent 13.9 billion year heritage.
Inspired by teachers, writers and scientists including Thomas Berry, PhD., Brian Swimme, PhD., Elisabet Sahtouris, PhD., Janine Benyus, David Orr, Connie Barlow, Drew Dellinger, Jennifer Morgan and others, help your K-12 students to think beyond the confines of our “consumer cosmology”, offering new perspectives that empower them to make conscious life choices. Learn how the story of the universe integrates the sciences with the humanities while encouraging student's natural desire to understand the world around them and their place in it.
Utilizing video, experiential activities, poetry, internet and multimedia resources, you will explore cosmic storytelling and ancient wisdom, the birth of galaxies, Gaia theory, life processes such as photosynthesis, and life’s evolving story. The Universe Story is an integrating theme combining holistic and creative learning relevant to social studies, health, science/ecology and art.
Required textbooks for credit level participants will be an additional cost of $10 for The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos (6-12 grade teachers)or $10-$14 for one of the Jennifer Morgan texts (K-5 grade teachers).

Hours or Credits to be earned:
30 WA Clock Hrs, 30 Oregon PDUs or 3 Quarter Credits.

This online independent course may be taken for Antioch University Seattle quarter credit. The credit option requires completion of additional reading and written assignments. You may earn 3 (three) Antioch University Seattle quarter credits for this course. 

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This is an ONLINE course. During the registration checkout process you will be asked to provide a password to be used for security access to the online course system. Once your registration is completed, you will receive an online confirmation and an email message, explaining how to log into the online course system. Please keep a record of this important access information. You may wish to bookmark or save the web address as a 'favorite' in your internet access environment.   

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NOTE: Text is required ONLY for 400/500 Credit Reqistrants

Grade K-5: Morgan, Jennifer. (2002). Select one from the three part series:    
Born With a Bang or From Lava to Life or Mammals Who Morph.  

Grade 6-12: Swimme, Brian. (2002). The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos: Humanity & the New Story.    

Questions? Please contact the instructor Ann Amberg at 360.632.3793 or by email at annamberg [at] 

Instructor: Ann Amberg
Email: annamberg [at]
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Course No: ED438L, ED538L
Quarter Credits: 3
[semester equivalent = 2.00 credits]
Clock Hrs/PDUs: 30
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$310 - 500 Level
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Credit Hours Credit
1 10 0.66
2 20 1.33
3 30 2.00
4 40 2.66
5 50 3.33
6 60 4.00
Section(s): A - HOL (online) - 6 months to complete from date of registration
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Universe Story

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