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Sara Bailey, North Marion High School Aurora, CO
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  • Positive student to student interaction.
  • Literacy Tips For Non-Reading Teachers
  • What Are Your Students Thinking?
LOVE & LOGIC FOR PARENTS & TEACHERS: Raising Responsible Kids

Create effective partnerships with parents around the Love & Logic philosophy and strategies.This course for all teachers, K-12, promotes a common vision for expectations and accountability both at home and in school.

This course will help you, the teacher, and the parent create confident, self-motivated, and responsible children and students.


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Instructor: Suzanne Warner , M.S.
Email: sw11235 [at]
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Course No: ED448J, ED548J
Quarter Credits: 3
[semester equivalent = 2.00 credits]
Clock Hrs/PDUs: 30
Quarter VS. Semester Credit
$310 - 400 Level
$310 - 500 Level
$310 - Clock Hrs
$310 - PDUs
Quarter Clock/PD Semester
Credit Hours Credit
1 10 0.66
2 20 1.33
3 30 2.00
4 40 2.66
5 50 3.33
6 60 4.00
Section(s): A - GIS - Six months from date of registration
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400 Level
500 Level
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LOVE & LOGIC FOR PARENTS & TEACHERS: Raising Responsible Kids

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