Collaborate with Colleagues

Collaborate with Colleagues

Do you want to learn from your colleagues and have fun while earning professional development credits? Any Heritage Institute course can be registered for as a group. Collaborate with colleagues to develop new approaches and share diverse perspectives.

See how easy and convenient it is to register and work as a group by reviewing the drop down menues below.

Group Collaboration Guidelines

+/-Select a Group Leader

  • First select a Group Leader.
  • Your Group leader will be the first one to register, providing names and email addresses of the other participants. 
  • Groups are limited to four participants.
  • The Group Leader will provide the course instructor and THI’s registrar ( the names and email addresses of all group participants using the Group Collaboration Documentation Form.


Group collaboration participants must take the course at the 400 or 500 Level.
Group members may register for different levels if needed.  Once your group leader has registered, a unique registration link will be sent to each member to register for the course.  

For Online Courses:

  • Registering for an online course allows your group access to a shared forum space.  Your instructor will know that all members posting in that space are registered as a group.
  • Presently, the Group Leader will email to the course instructor and THI’s Registrar ( the group participants names, email addresses and title of the course using the Group Collaboration Documentation Form.

For Email Courses:

+/-Group Conduct

Group collaboration rules include:

  • Each participant must attend at least 75% of the group meetings (a minimum of 3 of 4 meetings), during which the course content is discussed.
  • All participants are to remain active in the group and are to complete the course at the same time.
  • If there is an Assignment #1 to “Introduce Yourself”, each participant must complete this assignment independently.
  • Section A, Information Acquisition assignments may be divided up among group members.
  • Section B Learning Application Assignments may be divided up between group members, except, if there is a lesson creation and implementation assignment, each member must complete this individually.
  • For online courses, assignments for all group collaborations are completed in our online environment, with postings submitted to the group space.
  • For each assignment, the person responsible for authoring the assignment should lead a group discussion and incorporate group member ideas into the online group response.
  • Each participant must submit their own unique Integration Paper.
  • To receive University Credit: each member is to abide by these Guidelines and complete the course.
  • For email courses, Group Leaders will need to send a Group Collaboration Documentation Form along with group members’ Integration Papers to the instructor upon completion.


  • The group leader should send Group Collaboration Documentation Form, BEFORE BEGINNING COURSE WORK and UPON COMPLETION, at which time the report should show the assignments done by each group member as well as meeting attendance. 
  • Instructors may alter these guidelines. Some instructors may be open to your suggestions regarding changes to these guidelines.
  • Download a copy of these Guidelines as well as the Group Collaboration Documentation Form.
  • You may join up to three collaborations per year! To receive credit, all members must follow the guidelines as described here and complete the course.
  • For more information, contact the Registrar (, 1-800-445-1305.