Create Your Own Course

Create Your Own Course

Creative teachers like you, come to us with an idea for professional development. We work with you to provide the academic structure to turn your idea into a professional course suitable for your continuing education needs.

  • You may have been approached by your school administrator to research and propose a new program for your school.
  • You may already be planning to learn a new skill and implement it into your classroom.
  • You are already attending an educational workshop series and it’s perfect for your continuing education.
  • Or maybe you are planning an educational trip abroad or in the states that you will turn into an exciting new lesson unit for your classroom. 

Let the Heritage Institute help you reward yourself for your efforts! Create your course and start working with a Heritage Institute advisor to get the credit you deserve.


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+/-How to Get Started

Our Create Your Own Course Program will provide you with a simple, academically sound structure for using your travel or other professional projects to obtain Antioch University Seattle continuing education quarter credits at the 400 and 500 level,  Washington State Clock Hours, Oregon PDUs, Pennsylvania ACT 48 Hours, or CEU Hours. Courses are self-paced, allowing you to begin at any time with up to 6 months to complete. Check with your district to determine if 500-level work is required for your salary advancement. For more information on our credits or policies, see our FAQs.

To get started, think of how many credits or clock hours you need, what type of course you'd like to create (what discipline or subject area), and at what level. Then review the appropriate sample work plan proposals by downloading them below.

Samples for Credit

Elementary, 3 Credit/400 Level, TRAVEL

Secondary, 3 Credit/500 Level

Elementary, 5 Credit/500 Level

Secondary, 5 Credit/500 Level, TRAVEL

Secondary, 6 Credit/500 Level

Samples for Hours

Elementary, 30 Hours, TRAVEL

Secondary, 30 Hours

Elementary, 50 Hours

Secondary, 50 Hours, TRAVEL

Elementary, 60 Hours

Secondary, 60 Hours


After reviewing the sample work plan proposals and thinking of your course idea, you will need to estimate the number of hours you will spend completing your course. The estimated hours will determine how many quarter credits will be awarded. Your faculty advisor, Mary Ann Johnson, will help evaluate your estimate to ensure an appropriate number of work hours is proposed for each area of work you describe.

Take the total number of hours estimated to complete your course and divide by 20 to determine your number of credits.

                        40 hrs / 20 = 2 Quarter Credits
                        60 hrs / 20 = 3 Quarter Credits

                        80 hrs / 20 = 4 Quarter Credits
                        100 hrs / 20 = 5 Quarter Credits

                        120 hrs / 20 = 6 Quarter Credits

If you are registering for clock hours, the amount of work hours estimated equals the amount of clock hours you will register for.

You now have all the information you need to register for your course. Please download the registration form below.

Mail your registration form along with Check, Money Order, or PO Payment to:

The Heritage Institute
PO Box 1273
Freeland, WA 98249

Or, pay by Phone at 360-341-3020 or Fax 360-341-3070 with Visa or Mastercard.

Registration Form

+/-After You've Received Your Registration Confirmation

Once you've received your Registration Confirmation, you will need to fill out your Work Plan Proposal.

Your advisor is instructor Mary Ann Johnson, unless otherwise noted. Please contact Mary Ann Johnson at and let her know you are registered for a Customized Independent Study and will be sending the first draft of your Work Plan Proposal soon.

You may also contact Mary Ann Johnson if you have any questions on your initial draft.

Your advisor will help you create a course that meets requirements for credit or clock hours. The revision and approval process may take 2-3 weeks. Once your content is approved you will begin to work on your self-designed course! All assignments will be emailed to your advisor.

Download the following documents to get started:

Work Plan Proposal Tips

Work Plan Proposal for Credit

Work Plan Proposal for Clock Hours/PDUs/ACT 48 Hours/CEUs

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill in your Work Plan Proposal. Otherwise, you will have to print, handwrite your information, scan and email your proposal to the instructor.