Julie Bora


Julie Bora, M.S.T.  B.S. Biology/Pharmacology   *    M.S.T. Elementary Education - Pre-K, Kindergarten and Grades 1- 6 .

Since 2006 Julie has been composing and designing interactive syllabi for teachers desiring to develop their practice and themselves. Julie has taught a variety of subjects in Elementary, Middle and High Schools in rural, city and inner city environments. With this vertical view she joyously supports professional and personal development both her own and that of others. We are all learning together, every day. Are you ready to try on something new now? Let's jump in and let the magic happen.



Offered Courses

CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING: 10 Techniques from Teach Like A Champion

Course No. ED466m, ED566m

Tuition $380 ‑ $495

Quarter Credits 6

Check For Understanding (CFU)-we know it is important, we all do it and still we readily admit there is always room for improvement. Find out more by delving into 10 easy to implement CFU techniques used by master teachers of grades 1-12. Create a powerful synergy by combining techniques to increase understanding. It is easy and effective, plain and simple. Text about $16 from Amazon.

PASS THE VEGGIES PLEASE: Toward a Plant-Strong Diet

Course No. ED466f, ED566f

Tuition $315 ‑ $415

Quarter Credits 5

These days as the sun wanes, the industrial growing season is becoming shorter, which means each of us will be wanting to supplement our meals with more veggies. But how to begin? A decent place to start is by knowing what seasonal veggies to add to your daily meals. When you have a better idea as to what will sustain you, what you might buy from the local farmers markets, the local grocery or grow in your own garden or community garden with neighbors, then your meals will not only be more colorful but also more energizing. Learn more about plants and how they help us boost our energy. Support well being at your school and at home when you Pass the Veggies, Please.

SUGAR HIGH: Glycemic Index & Better Carb Choices

Course No. ED456d, ED556d

Tuition $380 ‑ $495

Quarter Credits 6

We’ve all heard the comment: "If you are fat, it's because you eat too much and you don't exercise enough" and yet for over 50 years low calorie diets and more exercise have not managed to curb obesity levels. Are you wondering why? In this course for K-12 educators you finally will uncover the secret everyone wants to know, the real cause of weight gain. Enhance student focus and learning by integrating Glycemic Index know how essentials into your curriculum. When we select a wide variety of low glycemic index foods, students, everyone, can prevent excessive weight gain. Maintaining optimal weight does not mean eating less and exercising more, but eating better, in the lunchroom and at home.


Course No. ED459L, ED559L

Tuition $380 ‑ $495

Quarter Credits 6

Classroom culture is a mysterious mix with no recipe and yet it is the special sauce for a happy curriculum and student learning. Refresh your teaching as you learn more about enhancing a culture of thinking in your pre-K-12 classroom. Review the 8 familiar forces which focus students on learning vs. work and build a supportive matrix with your colleagues while you do it. Text $16 at Amazon.

TEACH LIKE A CHAMPION: Field Notes From The Masters

Course No. ED444V, ED544V

Tuition $380 ‑ $495

Quarter Credits 6

This transformative course for K-12 educators shows and explains, in concrete terms, winning techniques of master teachers. If you are a teacher who wants to improve your craft, then this course will give you the tools to do that. From field notes and observations of master teachers, Doug Lemov has compiled specific practices in his action packed book, Teach Like a Champion, which comes with a DVD as well.


Course No. ED438F, ED538F

Tuition $315 ‑ $415

Quarter Credits 5

Our emotions govern us! Yes, that's right and the number one challenge we have as social animals is understanding other people. In this course for K-12 educators, we will explore Stephen Covey’s perennial classic, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  with a focused eye on the most important skill we need in life, listening: Seek First to Understand, Then To Be Understood : Habit #5.  As you continue to shift your self love outwards to connect with others, you will notice the powerful influence of empathy on all aspects of your life. Begin today and be one day ahead than when you start tomorrow. Jump in!

This course is a companion course to 8 Familiar Forces For Improving Classroom Culture.

SUBSTITUTE’S SUITCASE: Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Course No. ED435J, ED535J

Tuition $195 ‑ $280

Quarter Credits 3

Learn insider information to support your role as a top-notch K-12 Substitute Teacher, one who is in demand by administrators, teachers and of course, students. Whether just starting out or a veteran, you will tap into whimsical ways, helpful hints, and proven practices to support your subbing day. Investigate effective strategies and collect carefully chosen activities and ideas that activate learning. By the conclusion of this course you will be able to enjoy and manage any class with the confidence and polished sureness of an efficient and loving teacher. You will know what to do in any situation.