Deborah Richter


<span>Deborah Richter is an accomplished Spanish Instructor who has been teaching Spanish for more than 30 years. She holds degrees in Spanish Literature, Education, and Physical Education from Whitman College. 

     Deborah frequently travels to Spain where she has studied at La Universidad de San Agustin and at Saint Luis University Madrid. Other Spanish-speaking countries that she has visited and leads groups include Panamá, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Perú, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, Ecuador, Cuba, Costa Rica, and Venezuela.

     After teaching Spanish in the Tacoma School District for twelve years, Deborah founded La Única Spanish Instruction Center which has  over the course of 19  years offered many wonderful and popular general-public and field-specialized courses as well as amazing cultural trips to various Spanish-speaking countries. . Understanding that students absorb and learn information more effectively when they are simultaneously having fun, Deborah concentrates on making her classes active, enjoyable and entertaining. Additionally, she offers trainings and workshops for educators which emphasize strengthening and bridging communication and cultural gaps between teachers and their Spanish-speaking students, parents, and ethnically-diverse communities.

     It is a tremendous joy to teach and connect with such wonderful and highly motivated members of the  community!</span>

Offered Courses

HABLA ESPANOL: Spanish Basics For Educators,  PT II

Course No. ED444E, ED544E

Tuition $195 ‑ $280

Quarter Credits 3

This course is designed to further build on the skills obtained from Part I Habla Español in order to be able to positively connect with Spanish-speaking students & parents and to be able to relay specific information to Spanish-speaking parents regarding the progress and success of their children.

HABLA ESPANOL: Spanish Basics For Educators PT I

Course No. ED432P, ED532P

Tuition $195 ‑ $280

Quarter Credits 3

Make a difference to your Hispanic students when you master a few Spanish phrases. This course will introduce Spanish with a goal of learning to say basic vocabulary and sentences for communicating with Spanish-speaking students and parents.