Course No. ED433C, ED533C

Here is a book to add insights and confirm your suspicion that the arts can be a wonderful avenue to teach all sorts of subjects better. While this book has bedrock value for arts educators, it can also provide richness to the teacher of any subject area who suspects there are more ways to enjoy learning than the artless classroom provides. 
Everyone has the need for more of the creative, expressive and divergent ways to think, express oneself and explore reflection and expression outside of non-linguistic modes.  And this book will make you want to start making connections with artful teaching strategies for both brain development and basic differentiation of learning styles.   It can lead you to enjoy your students who may have wonderful moments to share and learn when they have new avenues to use in your classroom.
Eric Jensen is one of the most readable, enthusiastic and brilliant writers for educators.  If you started with Teaching with the Brain in Mind, you would find this book opens a new avenue for your own study of brain-based instructional strategies, with a lot of angles to make your classroom a powerful and vital center for artful teaching.

This course is not offered as a Group Collaboration.
We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  1. Understood how the arts are a brain developer.
  2. Understood why the arts constitute a major discipline.
  3. The evidence for the value of music to increase learning as well as social and emotional skills.
  4. Understood the contribution of visual arts and kinesthetic arts to our thinking skills, our inclusion strategies, and our motivation and self-discipline.
  5. Acquired the best way to handle assessment of the arts.

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