COLONIAL & REVOLUTIONARY AMERICA: Film, Literature & Classroom Resources

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One of the essential components in Language Arts, Social Studies, and Reading is the study of the human experience. In this course you will examine key people, places and events during the American Colonial and Revolutionary period. This topic fascinates us and there are ample film, literature, and classroom resources to help communicate the scope and importance to our students.

            This course also provides video, literature and classroom resource ideas for teachers preparing for major themes of the American Revolution and Colonial Life that can actively engage students around many of the major themes and events of this time period.  Choose books and videos such as Johnny Tremain, My Brother Sam is Dead, John Adams, 1776, Last of the Mohicans, 1776 the Musical, The Scarlet Letter, etc. Many of these films are available at local libraries, from NetFlix, in video stores for purchase, and ESDs. You will choose 8 videos and 2 novels to view and write a unit plan on how you’ll use some of these in your teaching situation. In addition to film and literature, this course will also provide classroom resources on both Colonial and Revolutionary America such as websites that offer interactive maps, lesson plans, art, music, reenactment videos, lectures from leading scholars, etc.

            This course will provide curriculum ideas for Language Arts, Social Studies, and Reading teachers of grades K-12 that meet state standards.

            If you choose NetFlix, a three-month subscription is about $30. (NetFlix also has an online video capability with the right operating system.)  You will need to have access to both a DVD player and a VHS video player to enjoy the full range of media choices.



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This was my first experience with Heritage; I was a little hesitate about taking an online class (it has been so long since I took my last one) but I was pleasantly surprised - and am ready to take more. It was really great, I'm so glad my teaching partner talked me into taking it!

Lori C.
5th Grade Teacher

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