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CULTIVATE JOY & JUSTICE: Classroom Morning Meetings

Course No. ED475n, ED575n

Classroom Management is essential to the creation of a productive, creative and brave community. It is the bedrock to all the potential learnings that can be. However, it is one of the most nuanced and most difficult things an educator is called to do every single day. Our relationships with our students are the foundation for everything that happens throughout the day. Yet, it is incredibly challenging having to balance the many pieces of our job. Using the Responsive Classroom’s The Morning Meeting Book as our guide, we will dig into the purpose and execution of daily morning meetings in classrooms from grades K-8. We will explore the four integral components of a Morning Meeting and how to integrate these into our daily rhythms as teachers. We will explore the benefits of utilizing this strategy and daily routine while troubleshooting the difficulties that may seem to stand in the way. Investing in our unique relationships with all of our students through Morning Meetings is something that will profoundly impact the way you look at your classroom community for years to come. It will help you transform your community into one in which all can share their unique perspectives and thrive.

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We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus

●      Explored the purpose and theory behind utilizing Responsive Classroom’s The Morning Meeting
●      Learned the four components of The Morning Meeting
●      Learned, studied, and created unique greetings and group activities
●      Built out a weekly plan that can integrate The Morning Meeting
●      Investigated components of The Morning Meeting that support and serve our ELLs  
●      Understood and learned about listening through the lens of Theory U

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