Sarah Rosman


Sarah Rosman, M.Ed., found herself in education after traveling through Argentina and Chile with a group of artists, putting on role-playing experiences for immersion language acquisition for all ages. She taught in Argentinian private schools, which eventually led her back to the United States to study what rooted her philosophical beliefs and framework in education. She received her Master of Education from Lewis and Clark with a certification in ESL. Sarah has taught in Spanish Immersion classrooms and the Environmental Studies magnet school for the city of Portland. She has been an adjunct professor at Lewis and Clark and supported graduate courses at Portland State University. Currently, Sarah is consulting on issues surrounding race, justice, language, and education while her family lives in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Offered Courses


Course No. ED475n, ED575n

Tuition $380 ‑ $495 $380

Quarter Credits 6

Classroom Management is essential to the creation of a productive, creative and brave community. It is the bedrock to all the potential learnings that can be. However, it is one of the most nuanced and most difficult things an educator is called to do every single day. Our relationships with our students are the foundation for everything that happens throughout the day. Yet, it is incredibly challenging having to balance the many pieces of our job. Using the Responsive Classroom’s The Morning Meeting Book as our guide, we will dig into the purpose and execution of daily morning meetings in classrooms from grades K-8.