Google Drive is a FREE, Web-based Microsoft Office alternative. It includes a word processor, a spreadsheet (excel), presentation (PowerPoint), forms (quizzes/surveys), and data storage service, all offered by Google. It also allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users. With Google Drive, all of your work is automatically saved online, you can access it from any computer and you never have to update your software. All you need is a Gmail account!

This course is dedicated to teaching how to apply Google Drive to your teaching or professional situation. Course participants will learn how Google Drive can enhance lessons inside and outside of school and support teachers in collaboration and sharing of resources and ideas. In addition to learning and implementing Google Drive, educators will create motivational and relevant classroom activities, teacher support materials, and assessment tools.

This course is applicable for any K-12 teacher, administrator, or anyone looking to increase their technology skills.There is no textbook for this course. All references and materials are located online.

Note:  Formerly titled Google Docs Across the Curriculum.


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All materials are free online. There are no additional fees associated with this class.

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