What’s going on in there? This is a question every parent and teacher of a teen has asked. No one expected the answer that the teen brain was keeping secrets-big ones at that. What scientists found took everyone by surprise; indeed, the adolescent brain was undergoing a dynamic transformation getting ready itself for adulthood. Even more shocking was the information that the brain keeps developing into the twenties.
This is your chance to discover that the old culprits: rebellion, exuberance and hormones are not the only answers. In this course you will learn about the teen brain, how to navigate the abrupt shifts in emotion and behavior and still be an effective teacher.
Now is the time to unlock adolescent thinking and behavior by explaining the biological changes happening in the teenage brain. The practical side of this exciting class is to provide strategies for creating a more academically AND emotionally productive classroom. Don’t miss this opportunity to find out the secrets that have eluded teachers since teenagers have been going to school!


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Course No. ED461w, ED561w

Tuition $120 – $210

Quarter Credits 3

This course is open to teachers Nation Wide who will be attending ANY Academic Camp or Professional Development Workshop of their choosing at anytime throughout the year. Some examples of these types of camps and/or workshops are Math Camp, Science Camp, Language Arts Camp, PLC Workshop, Instructional Workshop, TAH Workshop, Gilder- Lehrman Workshop, NEH Workshop, etc.
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