Sherry Bozorth


Sherry Carlson Bozorth, M.A.I.S., has been an educator for over three decades. She received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Music Education from Western Oregon University, and her Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from Oregon State University, specializing in music education and ethnomusicology.

She has taught elementary and middle school general, vocal, and instrumental music, high school choir, and private instruction on piano, clarinet, flute, and folk guitar. She has been an instructor with The Heritage Institute since 1998, providing teachers with fun, hands-on, time-tested imaginative activities.


Offered Courses

POETRY OF ROCK: 1960’s - Present

Course No. ED446T, ED546T

Tuition $180 ‑ $265

Quarter Credits 3

The lyrics of rock and pop rock tunes are rich in many elements of the literary arts, including metaphor, simile, narrative and irony, and reflect the creative techniques of poetry, fiction, and other expressions of literature.


Course No. SS415K, SS515K

Tuition $300 ‑ $395

Quarter Credits 5

This course for K-12 educators will review American History through musicals, exploring the historical events, politics, music, fashion, language/slang, and social mores of seven different time periods. Participants will choose and view one “overview” DVD and seven musicals (using DVD’s) making an ongoing outline, lists, and comparisons, along with the development of a plan of implementation into curriculum.

JAZZ: Its Origins & Eras

Course No. MU401E, MU501E

Tuition $360 ‑ $475

Quarter Credits 6

This course will explore the history of jazz, the eras – genre of jazz, and how music of the time reflects in society. Many scholars call jazz a “truly American music,” with its beginnings in Africa, its roots in slavery, and its heart in the people of America.

HOLIDAYS & FUN DAYS: K-5 & Early Childhood Activities

Course No. ED443K, ED543K

Tuition $360 ‑ $475

Quarter Credits 6

This course is designed for the elementary and early childhood educator. Reach all children with a variety of fun or seasonally themed activities that engage visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners within your existing curriculum.