Glenn Monahan


Glenn Monahan, B.S.: BS. in Geology from Montana State University ; junior high earth science teacher for 15 years; park ranger in Yellowstone for 5 years; member Geological Society of America. Glenn's interests include outdoor activities, natural and human history, mapping and remote sensing, and advocating for wild places and wildlife.

Nancy Schultz, M.Ed.: Elementary teacher and reading specialist for 30 years; park ranger in Mt. Rainier N.P. Nancy is an outdoor enthusiast. She has interests in sustainability; she is involved as an advocate for native wildlife in the Northern Rocky Mountain bioregion.

Both instructors have been teaching for The Heritage Institute since 1992. They live in Bozeman, Montana in a home with a 2400 watt photovoltaic solar system, and a 1600 square foot solar hot water system.

Offered Courses


Course No. SC415E, SC515E

Tuition $140 ‑ $185

Quarter Credits 2

Google Earth is a free, revolutionary computer application gaining in popularity among K-12 educators. It features satellite imagery of the entire Earth, and has great potential to expand our students' global awareness. Identify and explore major river deltas, research the effects of planetary ...