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Jacquie Johansson, MA/ESA, has as a certified counselor in the Spokane Public Schools.  In addition to teaching for The Heritage Institute, Jacquie is also an adjunct professor at Eastern Washington University, where she serves on the educational board.  

She has worked in K-8 general education, special education and with gifted students.  She is extensively trained in Conflict Resolution, Love and Logic, Character Counts and the use of yoga in the classroom.  She has also served on the district’s Critical Incident Team for ten years as well as serving on a Child Protective Team (composed of a group of community professionals) that makes decisions about the well-being of children within the Spokane community.  She resides in Spokane, Washington and is the parent of two adult children. 

Jacquie co-teaches workshops in Washington and Oregon with Lori Gibson. The two have been teaching workshops and consulting with educators in the Great Northwest since 1990.  Their basic mission is to provide current research and practice regarding student's needs in a fun, informative and relaxed atmosphere. 

Offered Courses


Course No. ED459e, ED559e

Tuition $180 – $265

Quarter Credits 3

The student of today looks very different from the student of 20 years ago. Their parents do as well. The world today is a pressure cooker environment for both. Parents naturally want what is best for their children and suffer from what the authors of our course text call ‘Pressured Parent Phenomenon’ which is the constant anxiety over whether their children are as competitive as they could be based on their kids efforts. This class will help educators understand and respond to the extraordinary challenges that students face when dealing with enormous pressure and parental expectations. You will learn strategies that will help you understand and work more effectively with stressed out students and their pressured parents.


Course No. ED459f, ED559f

Tuition $180 – $265

Quarter Credits 3

Many girls are staggering under the pressure of jam-packed schedules, hours of homework, heightened expectations, demanding social lives and far too little sleep. Maturing into a successful young woman is full of stressors, and girls in this generation are pioneers in learning how to make it all work and still become successful both inside and outside of the classroom. Their anxiety level is only heightened by the unrealistic standard of what it means to “have it all.” This class is designed to help you understand the new culture of girls today as well as strategies for helping them achieve their dreams.

REACHING STUDENTS WHO HURT: Teaching Kids With Trauma & Loss

Course No. ED456u, ED556u

Tuition $300 – $395

Quarter Credits 5

Most students experience some form of loss in their lives, and the grief that results can profoundly affect their academic performance, emotional stability, and social interactions. This class will help educators understand and respond to the extraordinary challenges that children may face when dealing with grief and loss. Participants will learn strategies to help students affected by divorce, the death of a parent, relative, friend, or pet; violence; chronic illness, and more. This class will examine grief experiences at different developmental levels and will give you strategies to: 1. Respond appropriately to expressions of grief from children and adolescents 2. Help students handle some of the emotions associated with loss 3. Determine when to refer a child to a specialist 4. Respect cultural attitudes towards grief and loss 5. Understand and identify risk taking behaviors and suicide This course is appropriate for those working in all grades, K-12 including teachers, para-educators, counselors, and other support personnel.

CHALLENGING COLLEAGUES: Bringing Out The Best In People At Their Worst

Course No. ED456T, ED556T

Tuition $300 – $395

Quarter Credits 5

Learn powerful communication skills and successful strategies for working with challenging colleagues. You will learn the 10 specific behaviors that represent people at their worst and the underlying causes of these behaviors. Also, learn how to bring out the best in people when they are at their worst. Become proficient at understanding motivating issues behind unwanted behavior. You will uncover insights about yourself and your work place. Appropriate for teachers K-12, administrators and support staff.

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