Michael Shurgot


<span 10pt;” new=”“>/userfiles/image/Shurgot.jpgMichael W. Shurgot, Ph.D.,</span><span 10pt;” new=”“> received his Ph.D. in Medieval and Renaissance Literature from the University of Wisconsin, and has taught college Shakespeare courses for over 35 years. He is the author of Stages of Play: Shakespeare’s Theatrical Energies in Elizabethan Performance (University of Delaware Press, 1998), and numerous essays on performance theory. His second book, North American Players of Shakespeare: A Book of Interviews, was published by U. D. Press in May, 2007. He is co-editor of the book Shakespeare’s Sense of Character: From the Stage and On the Page, which was published by Ashgate Press in December, 2012. He regularly reviews Shakespeare performances for Shakespeare Bulletin and The Upstart Crow. </span>

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