Annemarie Russell


<span 10pt; font-family: Helvetica;”>/userfiles/image/Russell,A-2.JPGANNEMARIE RUSSELL, M.A.,</span><span 10pt; font-family: Helvetica;”> is a dynamic teacher, musician and life-long learner who believes in the importance of cultivating and listening to students’ voices. In 2004, she worked with Seattle’s Experience Music Project in an effort to help teachers use songwriting in the secondary classroom. In 2005, she wrote and presented “Finding Your Writer’s Voice” to college students at the University of Oregon and Northwest Christian College, a short segment that integrated music, stories, and personal anecdotes in an effort to encourage students to use their own voices for the good of all people. Annemarie also taught college-level writing at the University of Oregon for two years and worked as a mentor to new writing instructors.</span>
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<div><span 10pt; font-family: Helvetica;”>In addition to teaching, Annemarie is also a published performing artist and songwriter. In March 2011, she released her third album, 100 Reasons. The new album, as well as her two prior releases, receive radio play in the Pacific Northwest and on the east coast, and Annemarie performs regularly, sharing her songs and telling stories. Many of her songs focus on giving voice to marginalized people, and her desire for social justice permeates her music. This love for writing and music makes its way into her classroom, where she frequently asks students to write songs, stories and poems about their own life experiences.</span></div>
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<div><span 10pt; font-family: Helvetica;”>Annemarie has an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Oregon and a B.A. in English/Language Arts and Education from Whitworth University. Currently she directs the writing center at Trinity Lutheran College in Everett, Washington and teaches composition and creative writing courses there as well. Prior to teaching at Trinity, Annemarie worked as a high school English teacher in both Washington and Oregon for 10 years.</span>  </div>

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