Patrizia Marrero


Patrizia Marrero, M.A. is a teacher at a Public Middle School. She has earned her B.S. in Elementary Education and Special Education with a minor in Psychology at Dowling College (NY).  She has attended UNC-Chapel Hill and NYU to earn her certificate in Italian. She has earned her M.A. at Columbia University-Teachers College in Instructional Technology and Media with a minor in Distance Learning. She is a member of AATI and ACTFL.  She was born in Sicily, Italy, where she attended school in the Italian school system. Patrizia traveled to the US and continued her education. She has taught ESL adult education for many years, and has given workshops on youth bilinguism and FLES at various institutions.  Patrizia has lead tours to Italy in the hope of expanding youth horizons and tolerance.

Offered Courses

GAME-BASED LEARNING: For All Grades & Subjects

Course No. ED448C, ED548C

Tuition $380 ‑ $495

Quarter Credits 6

It was Plato who said "Do not, my friend, keep children to their studies by compulsion, but by play." Game-Based Learning is a hot topic. Research shows that highly engaged learners absorb information more effectively. But can games, video games, and simulations truly aid students’ learning?