Mario Reaves


Mario Reaves, M.Ed. ESA, received his Masters Degree in Education from City University Seattle, Washington.  He received his BA from Central Washington University.  He has worked for the past 29 years as a public school counselor in the state of Washington.  Mario currently works for the Clover Park School District.  Mario served as a Professional Education Board member for City University of Seattle.  He has been recognized locally and nationally for the proactive work that he does with students, teachers and his surrounding community.  In 2011 Mario was named Natural High’s national Educator of the year.  Mario’s passion is to motivate both students and staff to be their best.  He has logged over 5000 hours of classroom instruction time teaching from a comprehensive counseling curriculum.  His favorite, he admits, is Natural High’s curriculum.  For 10 years, Mario was a district trainer for staff certification on how to de-escalate agitated and aggressive students.  Mario is also a state certified mediator.  Mario coached at the high school level for 15 years in football, basketball and baseball.  In 2001 Mario was named Washington State coach of the year in the 2A Nisqually League. Prior to working in Education, Mario worked for 16 years for Washington State’s largest mental institution.  As an Institutional Counselor he helped take care of many patients who were there because of drug abuse.

When not motivating others, Mario’s Natural Highs are Family, Fishing, Golf and Singing.

Offered Courses

HOOKED ON SUCCESS: Helping Students Discover Passion & Purpose In Life

Course No. HE403a, HE503a

Tuition $195 ‑ $280

Quarter Credits 3

Without passion and a sense of purpose our youth are finding themselves adrift. Both in life and in school they are falling short of their potential and susceptible to drugs, alcohol and under performance. A proven system, "Natural High," engages grade 4-12 students with what is important. You will review video stories of successful adults. The storytelling is followed by curriculum that guides discussion, provides worksheets and activities that take students deeper into the subject.