John Creger


English teacher John Creger has been learning from sophomores at American High School in Fremont CA since 1988. In his publications and presentations since 1998, John communicates to educators what his sophomores’ continuing response to his Personal Creed Project teaches him about a deeper kind of literacy. In 2015, John launched Thriving at the Core Presentations to share his developing approach with colleagues in their own districts. He earned a B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley, and an M.A. from San Francisco State University, both in English. In recognition of the Personal Creed Project, the National Council of Teachers of English and the National Writing Project presented John the James Moffett Memorial Award for Teacher Research.

Offered Courses


Course No. ED471w, ED571w

Tuition $315 ‑ $415

Quarter Credits 5

The pandemic and racial injustice are amazing opportunities for teachers. If we are all to rise together to navigate our global crises, the new generation needs us to provide a new kind of learning. Young people need to understand how their behavior affects the behavior of viruses, influences the climate, and how their lives affect others whose life experience is different from their own. They need to know what they stand for and be ready to act for a greater good. These are challenging new capacities. To develop them, our students need a kind of learning that begins with understanding themselves more fully than has been common in school.