Ann DeChenne


Ann DeChenne, M.Ed, earned a B. A from Portland State University in Social Sciences in 2006 and a Master’s Degree in Education through the Bilingual Pathways Program at Portland State University in 2008. Ann is currently completing a Ph.D. in Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Evaluation from Walden University with a research focus on rural education and language in mathematics. She works in a small rural-fringe high school in Oregon.

Offered Courses


Course No. ED476q, ED576q

Tuition $195 ‑ $280

Quarter Credits 3

Math is a universal language; it transcends cultural, economic, and social barriers. Learning the language of math involves more than a list of vocabulary words; it requires us to delve into evidence-based math practices to build competency and proficiency for our students to overcome achievement gaps and gain long-term mathematical success. This course will cover how to work with your math students to implement a math language that focuses on aiding all students in learning math. Participants in the course will gain tips and tools to identify the language functions of math standards, assignments, mathematical academic language, and general language to support students in your math classroom.