Sara Sebastian


Sara Sebastian, M.A.T., is a teacher, writer, and entrepreneur. She has taught at a middle school in Portland, Oregon where she was awarded Teacher of the Year and at an IB school in Mexico City where she was the English Chair, redesigning curriculum for three grades. She holds two bachelor's degrees (History and Journalism) from the University of Oregon and a Master's in Teaching from Concordia University Portland. In January 2024, she was the featured poet for Slamlandia at Literary Arts. In the same month, she published her first book of poems, We Call So Many Feelings Love. Recently, one of her poems appeared in The Magic Words by Joseph Fasano. Find her at 

Offered Courses


Course No. ED478f, ED578f

Tuition $380 ‑ $495

Quarter Credits 6

Nationwide, only a quarter of 8th and 12th graders are proficient in writing compared to nearly three-quarters who are proficient in reading (NAEP). It’s time to change that.