Maggie Seymour


A student and practitioner of meditation since age 24, Maggie first began applying integrated mind/body healing principles at 25. An intuitive healer, she later established Insight Therapy, a counseling practice assisting women recovering from abuse and addiction, subjects she knew well. A frequent 12-step speaker and workshop leader, Maggie also volunteered with incarcerated youth and adults in Washington State prisons and work release programs as part of her atonement.

Maggie studied and worked in the field of integrated Mind/Body healing. She studied with Carl Simonton, M.D. at the Simonton Cancer Center; Guan-Cheng Sun, Ph.D, medical researcher and Yi Ren Qigong master; Elliott Dacher, M.D. author of Integral Health; and with Ann Webster, Ph.D. of the Benson-Henry Mind Body Medical Institute and Harvard Medical School.

In 1994, Maggie became co-director, along with her husband Mike, of The Heritage Institute, an educational organization providing professional development courses for public school teachers, grades Kindergarten through high school. In November 2021 Maggie took over leadership of The Heritage Institute. She initiated free and low-fee programs to benefit teachers, restructured the organization, and aligned organizational goals with THI’s values.

In 2005 Maggie founded Transformative Health Studies, teaching self-healing practices to women diagnosed with cancer. She models congruent application of ancient principles supported by modern science and her own direct experience. Maggie successfully assisted willing clients in understanding and applying these self-healing practices to facilitate their healing process. These practices engage the natural capacity of the mind/body/spirit connection to generate healing, and to support transformation.

Maggie served as the Executive Director of the Institute of Qigong and Internal Alternative Medicine 2009. During this time Dr. Sun ran and completed phase 1 of clinical trials regarding the impact of Yi Ren Qigong in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. 

A Seattle native and a meditator since age 24, Maggie is a deeply intuitive and insightful teacher, counselor, spiritual development coach, administrator, healer, and leader. Maggie assists individuals and organizations to generate healing transformations to benefit all.

A lover of cats, Maggie was born and raised in Seattle Washington, where she met and married her husband, Mike Seymour. Maggie published her memoir, Metamorphosis, after she and Mike moved to Beaufort South Carolina in 2012. They are currently living in Bluffton SC with their cat Panya.

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