Joseph Britton


Joseph Britton, B.S., at Princeton University, was formerly a Mechanical Engineer, designing energy systems and, in a different department, an Instructor teaching Yoga, Movement, and Meditation.
Upon moving to and living in Japan for 28 years, Joseph co-founded Japan’s first executive speech training company based in Tokyo, Media and Communications. Several years later, at Osaka Metropolitan University, he was honored to become a Professor of Communications & Mindfulness for 22 years. During this culturally rich experience, he spent many years personally studying with renowned Zen Buddhist master Uchiyama Kosho Roshi in Kyoto, Japan.
He has taught seminars in communications and mindfulness through-out Asia, Europe and North America.
To understand the dynamics of how we generate and project energy, he also became a Hellerwork body & movement practitioner.
Presently, Joseph is a Part-Time Instructor at Portland Community College in the Community Education Department teaching 3 courses: Mindfulness – Awareness Practice, Mysteries of Dying, and Public Speaking with Mindfulness.
He is also a Hospice Volunteer accompanying people who die alone.

Offered Courses

Mindfulness: Awareness Practice

Course No. ED479J

Tuition $20.00

Quarter Credits

Transform your relationship to strong emotions and pain with a mindfulness practice including contemplation, enlivening breathing methods, gentle body movements and seeing life with fresh eyes. Experience the benefits of greater resiliency and more energy. Be calm, be free, be happy.