This course meets OSPI's STEM requirements.

Today it is easier than ever to create your own website. Thanks to a global communication revolution, you can now communicate with parents, students, other teachers and the rest of the world like never before.

This course will teach you to use WordPress; one of the best and most popular website development platforms on the planet. The website you are looking at right now was developed in WordPress. In fact, WordPress powers almost 25% of the world’s websites!


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Texts, Easy WP Guide (Free and paid) by Anthony Hortin. Check out the free and paid (just .99 cents) versions and the optional text, Stop Stealing Dreams by Seth Godin (Free) There are a variety of download options here.


My instructor's materials and podcasts were clear and concise. It was great to have it broken down into digestible chunks and be able to apply what I was learning in that moment. I was also able to review information and revisit concepts as I did assignments. I most appreciate that I came out with a product I can use tomorrow in my classroom. Building my own web site is the key I had been looking for to streamline my teaching and maximize time with my students.

Barbara H.
9th Grade Teacher

Professor Boll's class was user-friendly, responsive, and immediately applicable to my classroom. I was very pleased with the clarity of these lessons and my newfound ability to create a professional-looking, easy-to-update classroom website. Professor Boll also recommended a wide variety of other tech tools that were easy to learn along the way--things like Gravatar and Canva, which I began implementing in my classes right away. I found this online class to be one of the most useful and no-nonsense grad-level classes I've taken as a teacher. No frills or wasted time, just great tools and well-organized lessons to teach you how to use them. I will definitely recommend this class to colleagues.

Nichole L.
10th Grade Teacher

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Course No. MA400r, MA500r

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This course meets OSPI's STEM requirements

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