FOOTBALL: Principles for Developing Today’s Student Athlete

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For many students, education goes beyond the classroom and traditional school day and extends into the world of sports.  Sports teach important life skills such as leadership and teamwork. In this course, we will be examining three (3) areas of the fundamentals of football: program philosophy, motivation, and leadership as they relate to the overall development of today’s student/athlete and community.  Participants will be able to study these fundamental areas through online articles, videos, and books by some of the most insightful coaches in America. Designed for K-12 coaches and teachers, this course is also open to all non-teaching coaches at any level. The additional fee for the required course text will vary with your particular choice. All the listed books are available from


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Text cost depends on your book selection. Teaching Character Through Spor, by Bruce Brown The Spread Offense: Passing Game by Dan Mullen Coaching DBs & Outside LBs in Cover 2 & Cover 8 by Frank Chimienti The Complete Book of Speed and Agility Football Drills by Jerry Tolley Coaching The Gap-Control Rover Defense by Tom Olivadotti The I-Formation Attack For Youth Football by Nick Gasparato Tackling Circuit: Drills and Techniques by Kerry Locklin Special Teams Teaching Progressions by Dick Arbuckle 1001 Motivational Messages and Quotes for Athletes and Coaches by Bruce Brown The Role Of Parents In Athletics by Bruce Brown Coaching The One-Back Attack by Scott Criner & Steve Sosnowski Defensive Organization And Game Planning by Tim Racki Running A Multiple Defense at the High School Level by Buck Roggeman Zone Blitz Package by Bill Young The 'Pistol' Offense by Jerry Campbell Coaching Running Backs by Dean Campbell 45 Blitzes for the 3-5-3 by Taylor Burks OR Another book of your own choosing, with my prior approval.

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Course No. PE404m, PE504m

Tuition $120 ‑ $210

Quarter Credits 3

Are you planning to attend at least one Sports Camp this year? If so, this course is for you. It is open to coaches Nation Wide attending ANY Sports Camp. Sports camps are available for your particular sport and athlete program. Often these Sports Camps have Professional and/or College coaches lecturing. You can attend and earn three (3) continuing education quarter credits or 30 clock hours or PDUs. Attending more than one camp during the year? Then contact the instructor directly.

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