Challenging Students,  Classroom Management,  Counseling & Special Ed


Course No. SS409F, SS509F

This course will investigate the multi-faceted aspects of high needs people and their behaviors.   In examining personality and behavior profiles, each participant will gain greater understanding of how to interact with such needy behaviors as a “grenade person” (explosive behavior), the “clingon” (the sponge type behavior), the “wall” (the poor listener), to name a few. The focus of the course will be to investigate our own personal patterns of behavior as well as the behaviors of others. It will help each educator as they work with both students and adults. Specific identifying attitudes and behaviors will be presented. In addition, participants will learn helpful strategies to minimize problematic behaviors, attitudes, and actions. This will be an enjoyable approach and will teach participants to identify behaviors prior to intervening.
This course is appropriate for all educators K-12.
We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
      1. Identified problem behaviors and their impact on others.
      2. Developed successful intervention approaches for the above identified behaviors.
      3. Written an effective behavior plan for students involving all significant systems that are  
          involved in the students’ life.
      4. Studied and analyzed behaviors and sequenced them according to their order of occurrence.
      5. Taught specific behavior reducing strategies to students and helped students to implement them
          with peers.
      6. Shared information with students and colleagues in a non-threatening manner.
      7. Effectively transferred programs and interventions across school, home, and community.

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