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NO CHILD LEFT INSIDE: Lesson Ideas For Your Community

Course No. ED438R, ED538R

In this flexible and practical course, you’ll see that a wealth of learning in math, science, art, social studies and language arts can take place right outside those classroom walls. You’ll discover dozens of ways to use your school building, school grounds, school neighborhood and local community to enhance learning for your students, and you’ll develop strategies on how to keep your students learning even when they’re not in school.

You will begin by discovering more about your school environment and local community through a series of information acquisition activities, and then you will have the opportunity to develop fun and meaningful learning activities for your students. Ideas might be to study the local school environment, to organize local walking tours, or to take part in community service projects. Visits to local neighborhoods, business districts, parks and museums will also increase your students’ awareness of their surroundings.

This class is applicable for all teachers of students K-12, and the strategies and ideas included can be implemented in any community.

NOTE: This course replaces ED411T - Beyond the Classroom.  If you received credit for ED411T you cannot also receive credit for this course.

The Co-Instructor for this course is Jake Gordon, M.S. Ed.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  1. Become familiar with how to integrate social justice into math lessons and social justice math into other curricular areas.
  2. Expanded and increased their personal knowledge of the historical, cultural and social implications of mathematics.
  3. Discovered and developed a comprehensive list of available literature, videos, web sites, and other resources available for use in writing an integrated unit of study.
  4. Increased their competency in an integrated approach by using examples from the book to construct a complete integrated unit of study relevant to their learning environment.
  5. Completed extended reading on social justice/math issues.

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