Challenging Students


Course No. ED448L, ED548L

Scientists now know so much more about how our students learn than they did thirty years ago and it is time to upgrade your learning. Did you know that our brains are not really designed for thinking? Did you know that most of what we learn is forgotten immediately? This book offers you the research and arguments to explain why and much, much more. All K-12 and university educators in all disciplines will benefit greatly from understanding the biological and cognitive basis for learning explained in this book. The nine principles are presented with clear, easy-to-understand applications for the classroom; the text is packed with strategies that will be useful in your classroom. If you are a teacher who is looking to increase your effectiveness, then this is the best teachers’ guide around.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  1. Understood why people are curious but not naturally good thinkers.
  2. Discovered the valuable role of factual knowledge and understanding what students know.
  3. Developed a plan from a cognitive perspective that will consistently provide pleasure and success when solving problems.
  4. Reflected on the concept that proficiency requires practice, repetition, and mastery over time.
  5. Determined if learning styles and multiple intelligences are still a valuable tool for the classroom.
  6. Discovered the new research about IQ what can be done to optimize environmental factors with genetic ones.
  7. Reviewed teaching practices based on conscious effort and feedback.
  8. Learned how to maximize time in the classroom based on focused and knowledgeable planning.

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