Leaders can’t avoid adversity, but they can choose to use it to become stronger.  In Resilient School Leaders:  Strategies for Turning Adversity Into Achievement, authors Jerry L. Patterson and Paul Kelleher, show how to move forward during times of difficulty or crisis, with such topics as student walkouts, firing staff, getting fired, district boundary disputes, over-reaching board members, and having your integrity or competence challenged.  From the reading you will find how to create resilient school teams and support teams that can function well in difficult times.
Using information from the book, leaders have the choice of how to interpret adversity and how they can use their resilience skills, courage, and core values to turn potential disasters into events with long-lasting positive outcomes.


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Course No. ED461n, ED561n

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Every principal needs to examine the issues that are central to his/her success. The course text present hands-on insights to help you become an inspirational leader in your school. You will find practical information from the authors own experiences including research-based techniques covering topics from informal school communication networks, building lasting relationships, improving faculty meetings, keeping up with state mandates, dealing with surprises, and more.

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