THE POWER IN YOU: Being Your Authentic Self

Teaching Wellness

Students see right through us when we’re not being ourselves. Standing in our authentic self is the personal foundation of good teaching, no matter what level or subject or across all personality types. In this course for all teachers K-12, we will draw upon the work of two noted educator/writers, Parker Palmer, and researcher/author, Brene Brown, to help participants explore what may be getting in the way of being fully themselves. You will learn steps that you can take to reclaim your personal power. A choice of Brene Brown books will run less that $15 used on Amazon.


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Course No. ED466g, ED566g

Tuition $380 ‑ $495 $380

Quarter Credits 6

Brain research reveals how Happiness Skills positively affect our state of mind. A conscious choice of attitudes, beliefs, intentions, personal philosophy, precepts, and daily practices are under your control and teachable. All the learning in the world is worthless without happiness. For K-12 youth to be successful and motivated, they need the skills and knowledge necessary to create happy lives. Learn how to shift perspective about difficult situations, and more, through readings and discussions.

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