Course No. ED474c, ED574c

Whether a family, student group, classroom or school, every group has a culture which is the invisible but powerful influence that affects peoples’ felt experience as well as group outcomes. 
When a group taps into these three skills: build safety, share vulnerability and establish purpose, they feel happier; they know they can navigate the challenges presented to them. 
Do you know groups who would like to take their performance to the above and beyond? If so then come along and explore more about how that might happen with The Power of Group Chemistry.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus

1. Observed how signals of connection and belonging cues build group identity and safety.

2. Understood how mutual risk through trust drives cooperation.

3. Learned more about how to lead for proficiency and creativity by using narratives to create shared goals and values.

4. Learned new ideas to promote a culture of belonging grounded in safety, vulnerability and shared purpose.

5. Shared their viewpoints, suggestions, trials, and questions with other course participants, in the service of mutual arising.

6. Developed their style and practice to support high performing group cultures that can navigate the awesome challenges of our rapidly changing society.

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