Jeanne Sheets-Sagoo


<div>/userfiles/image/Sheetssisters.jpgDonna Sheets-Mathew and Jeanne Sheets-Sagoo both hold an MA in English from Portland State University.</div>
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<div> Jeanne Sheets-Sagoo has taught high school English in the Portland area for 21 years. She currently teaches at The Center for Advanced Learning in Gresham, Oregon and at Mt Hood Community College, as well as continuing education through the Heritage Institute.</div>
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<div> Donna Sheets-Mathew has taught middle school language arts and social studies for the past 21 years, including ten at The American International School in Kuwait. She currently teaches reading and language arts at the Reynolds School District in Fairview, Oregon.</div>
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<div>They have both been involved in numerous student field experiences both in their own classrooms and as members of the Location Learning Association and feel passionately about field-learning.</div>

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