Charity Staudenraus


CHARITY STAUDENRAUS, M.A.T, received her BA from Willamette University, her MAT from Willamette University. Charity has experience teaching math, science, social studies, business, and language courses at the middle and high school level.  She is currently serving on the 2014-2017 Oregon Science Content and Assessment Panel as well as the Oregon Instructional Materials Criteria Development Committee.  In addition Charity is consulting on a Rutgers University and WPI project funded through multiple Department of Education and National Science Foundation Grants.

Offered Courses


Course No. ED463d, ED563d

Tuition $300 – $395

Quarter Credits 5

GOOGLE CLASSROOM 2.0: Beyond the Basics

Course No. CM402y, CM502y

Tuition $300

Quarter Credits 5


Course No. ED461s, ED561s

Tuition $360 – $475

Quarter Credits 6

Flipping your classroom makes it possible for teachers to assign students videos, readings, and lectures for completion outside of class time. Teachers are then able to use class time to help guide students in completing a discussion, lab, assignment, homework, and other activities. In short, students view the “sit and get” portion of a lesson outside of class time and they apply their knowledge during class time. There is no single correct model for Flipping your Classroom and this course allows for flexibility as you seek to personalize instruction in your classroom. With a focus on Common Core, Smarter Balance, and Reading & Literacy Standards across the curriculum there is increased pressure on teachers to help students show proficiency across various subjects and standardized tests. Many of our students do not have the help that they need, however, to complete their homework or assignments without teacher direction. Flipping your classroom, in collaboration with a partner teacher, can make the process easier as you can design joint assignments.


Course No. CM402r, CM502r

Tuition $300 – $395

Quarter Credits 5

Give your students the power to access their reading assignments online and interact with text through questions and comments that lead to increased engagement. In Actively Learn, an online text reading platform for teachers, course participants can access a catalog with core content across all subjects or they can display their own PDF’s, Google Docs or web articles and be able to embed assignment questions, notes and responses to students. Your students will complete readings inside your Actively Learn space from their laptop, tablet or desktop computer. Educators in this course will learn how to use Actively Learn and will develop and implement several lessons that include the use of this platform. Actively Learn is integrated with Google tools such as Drive, Docs, Classroom, and Gmail, and can be used for joint teacher projects. This course is recommended for any K-12 teacher or administrator looking to better their technology skills and literacy in the classroom.


Course No. CM402p, CM502p

Tuition $300 – $395

Quarter Credits 5

Broaden your use of instructional tools through your virtual classroom—Google Classroom. Google Classroom works by letting teachers create assignments, make announcements, and start class discussions with students. Google Classroom saves time, keeps classes organized, and improves communication with students. Teachers can attach documents from Google Drive, share videos, or send links to websites; they can set due dates for assignments and do assignment grading. Class announcements and discussions allow for direct communication in real-time so teachers can pose questions, or share anything else that is important to the class without waiting for the next class period. This course will help teachers K-12 learn how to use Google Classroom to improve instruction and student engagement. Teachers in this course will create their own Google Classroom and implement one or more lessons with students. Collaboration with other teachers is also possible.


Course No. ED456K, ED556K

Tuition $360

Quarter Credits 6

Climate change poses the single largest, global threat to life on Earth, and yet the United States and our schools lag far behind the international community in educating and acting responsibly to mitigate the causes and effects of a warming planet. This online course for grades 3-7 teachers uses excellent platforms developed by NASA and the EPA to educate about the science of climate change in kid-friendly, interdisciplinary ways. Youthful graphics, games, lesson samples that cut across science, social studies and math, virtual expeditions to places where climate change is visible, CO2 footprint calculators and more make this a rich learning environment from which grades 3-7 teachers will develop their own units and themes—whether that’s oceans, birds, butterflies, fish, trees, fresh water supplies.  Many of your common science units can be modified with a climate change perspective (ie ocean life, plants and animals). 

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